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Rota: Cello Concertos (Sony)

CLASSIC VOICE October 2nd 2011

Giancarlo Cerisola

A big welcome to jubilees when they bring us precious gifts as the ones lavished on occasion of the centenary from the Milanese composer’s birth. They should be considered even more precious because they are not something beautiful to listen again to, but something completely new to discover. Furthermore, they allow us to discover how Rota’s production was wide, varied and at high levels. These two Cello Concertos, written in the first Seventies, are even an exciting legacy, both of them characterized by reassuring singing, moving and imperious drama, unexpected elaborate orchestration. Priceless peculiarities, which would not be enough on their own anyway to make us completely appreciate the beauty of these two compositions. We also need the expressive level of the interpretation provided by this recording: such an orchestra, in seventh heaven in all of its parts; such a conductor, Rovaris, captivating charmer; and such a soloist, Silvia Chiesa, young but deservedly at the summit in a hypothetical international ranking, who can elicit from her precious cello – made by Giovanni Grancino in 1697 – the warmest and most mellow or the darkest and most threatening voices using which the two concerts speak.